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Grace Turner - NKOS - Loaver - Terra Lightfoot - Saronde - Ane Brun

Grace Turner has released her new E.P 'Half Truths' which is a collection of gorgeous contemporary folk rock songs. === NKOS return for a third time here with 'Lonely Ghost-Self' and once again they continue to carve out a powerfully distinct and irresistable musical experience. === Loaver also sings in Malmö act Kluster B who have graced our pages on more than one occasion. Loaver takes us into a more gentle and personal place with her beautiful new track 'Bloom With Me'. === Terra Lightfoot was a regular here back in 2017 and we are so pleased to have her back with 'Paper Thin Walls' where her refined yet powered up rock makes for a fine listen. === Saronde shares 'Firewood' featuring Idd Aziz. It's fair to say we have not featured much Afro Funk on Beehive Candy, songs like this might just change that! === Finally today we have Ane Brun and the brand new release 'Take Hold Of Me'. A well established artist with an eigh

Vilde - NKOS - Tali Shear - Hannah Scott - Freak Heat Waves

Vilde have just released their new album 'Atopia' which is streaming in full below along with 'Splutter' taken from the collection, a song that makes for a fine indicator of the wonderful quality and beauty that is present throughout the album. === NKOS are carving out a very distinctive and appealing musical style which is reinforced by their new single and video for 'BOW (Brave Old World)'. === Tali Shear shares 'Fool' a song that suggests this young London singer songwriter is capable of producing both natural and intrinsically personal and gorgeous music. === Hannah Scott makes her fourth appearance on Beehive Candy with her brand new song '98' and again she easily meets indeed exceeds expectations with a beautiful and up-building song. === Finally today we have Freak Heat Waves with 'Nothing Lasts Forever' where the Canadian post-punk/electronic duo are enticing, hard to categorize yet gripping and addictive. ---------------

Dana Crowe - Eckhardt And The House feat. Bella Hay - NKOS

Dana Crowe 's new single 'Not Broken' mixes genres (a little country, a little rock etc) yet has a distinct and very pleasing vibe, where her resplendent vocals are backed by a skilled and well arranged band. Eckhardt And The House feat. Bella Hay serve up some bright rhythmic indie music with 'Lonely' one of those songs that will make those who cannot dance (like me) at least enjoy tapping their feet. 'Little Miss Numb' by NKOS is their debut single on Beatbuzz Records, it's a lush synth driven piece with some dreamy vocals vying with a somewhat darker musical feel and it works splendidly.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dana Crowe - Not Broken. Dana Crowe is ready to deliver her latest single Not Broken. A striking song of confidence and durability, it’s driving classicism is set to carry you to the highway interchange of hope and hardiness. ‘The s