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Quality Not Quantity: Mark Allen-Piccolo - Novaa

          Mark Allen-Piccolo - Moonglow. Background promo - Bay Area based artist Mark Allen-Piccolo has released his debut album Left From Here via Noble Steed Music.  Allen-Piccolo's debut single, "Do For You" exclusively premiered with The Deli Magazine San Francisco. Of the single, Mark said, "Life is full of routine, responsibilities, demands from other people. Usually, you're so busy that you don't even have time to think about what it all means or adds up to. The song is a kind of dream about being freed from these responsibilities, and imagining what your life could be like if you could spend all of your time exploring your inner life--even better, exploring it with a companion who truly accepts you for who you are." Mark Allen-Piccolo just released his second single, "Moonglow" with Elmore Magazine, who raved the track "takes you into the mind of an artist whose head is swirling with centuries of musical infuelnce." Allen-