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The Doors - Stockholm 1968

This is a copy of the second show, the Doors under took at the Konserthuset, Stockholm, on the 20th September 1968. Jim Morrison is in feisty form, the audience clearly enjoying the concert. Songs performed are: 1. Five To One 2. Alabama Song 3. Back Door Man 4. You're Lost Little Girl 5. Love Me Two Times 6. When The Musics Over 7. Wild Child 8. Money 9. Wake Up 10. Light My Fire 11. The End Sound quality is very good (soundboard), as is the show! REPLACEMENT LINK IN COMMENTS BELOW. There is plenty of Doors material in store HERE .

The Doors - Live - Isle Of Wight - 1970

Known as 'Palace Of Exile' this bootleg is in a class of it's own. The Doors played not long after midnight, whoever took the time to record this to such a high standard, and those who have ensured that the quality of the recording has remained until today deserve some thanks to say the least. Considering this boot was recorded thirty seven years ago, it remains a fine quality recording, and really does justice to the highlight of that years Isle of Wight festival. The art work in the picture contains front and back CD covers. I am not sure of the origins of these, and if they have any resemblance to the early vinyl boots in circulation, however Jim Morrison was certainly sporting the beard etc, at that time. The gig was recorded live at the 3rd Isle Of Wight Festival at Afton Farm, Freshwater. Commencing at 12:05 am on Sunday, 31st August, 1970. This is a soundboard recording. Set List: 1 Back Door Man 4:38 2 Break On Through 4:50 3 When The Music's