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TJ Roberts - Teghan Devon - Emperor of Ice Cream - Evening Hymns - Dougie Poole - Brenda Cay

TJ Roberts return today with the new single 'Sinceridipity' and on this occasion the energy levels are up as are the exuberant rock vibes. === Teghan Devon has a new E.P out entitled 'Little Lion' from which we have the title track, the four songs are distinctly different with Little Lion being a good indicator of her gorgeous folk orientated music. === Emperor of Ice Cream are finally going to release their debut album recorded back in the nineties and as a preview we have 'Lambent Eyes' which really does raise expectations. === Evening Hymns shares his new single 'Pyrenees' accompanied by an original video, the atmospheric track and imagery are beautifully matched. === Dougie Poole returns with 'The Who's Who Of Who Cares' in April we featured 'Vaping On The Job' and the latest song showcases his crooner vocals wonderfully. === Brenda Cay has a new video for her current single 'Unplug and Recharge' the modern country a

Nature TV - Helen America - Chrysalism - TJ Roberts - Meanlife

Nature TV return just four weeks after their first appearance here with 'Only One'. Last time we described the Brighton band as "high class indie" and there is no change there with this refined piece. === Taken from her brand new 'Red Sun' album released today by Helen America we share the first song in the collection entitled 'Thelxiepeia'. This is just a small glimpse of things, the musical styles vary greatly, her vocals adding consistent order, the lyrics often demanding your attention. === Chrysalism has a new video for 'I'll kill you, Tomokazu Miura!' this lo-fi and gently soulful song is beautiful. === TJ Roberts has a new single comprising of 'The Party' and 'Midnight Stores' the first is a laid back and engaging track, the latter rocks a whole lot more. === From Meanlife we have the fabulous song 'Ready2Spark' with wonderful dual vocals and an indie meets country vibe. ----------------------------------