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Joy Autumn - Billy Wylder - Stumps - The Swagger

Joy Autumn - Go. Background -  Singer-songwriter, Joy Autumn, explores this declaration in depth in her latest music video for her single, Go, a music video she created with an all female production team. “I’m fascinated with the idea that our past can be even more present than what’s happening in the current moment,” she explains. Go brings you back to that desperate feeling, with haunting images of an ex lover being projected onto a blank canvas as well as Autumn’s own body throughout the video. She can’t seem to escape this person and the memories and presence of her past is palpable, oftentimes engulfing her. “In that moment,  I realized that I had to pick my own well-being, even though the distorted reality is that I perhaps loved this person even more than I did myself.” The song is a part of Joy Autumn’s upcoming EP, Midnight, which drops today Friday, August 24th, and is an atmospheric indie-pop record about the dark side of making it as an artist in Hollywood. Joy Autum