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Zoë Dellaca - Ganser - The Busy Twist - Angela Soffe

Zoë Dellaca - Still. Background - Zoë Dellaca writes songs that make you want to cuddle up in front of the fire on a rainy night. Still is the first single from her debut album Sweater Weather. Hailing from Bunbury in WA, Zoë has been making her mark on the local music scene, playing regular shows around the south-west and peel regions since 2016. Still explores the darker side of the indie-folk genre featuring haunting electric guitar swells, moody bass and a raw, vulnerable vocal performance. The track is a soul-exposing song dealing with themes such as heartbreak. Still was recorded and produced in Zoë’s hometown of Bunbury by Nat Marshall at his studio Township Sound. “Still is essentially about being hurt by someone you care about and allowing them to keep on hurting you even though you know you shouldn’t. Writing Still was a long process that happened over several months as I was able to gain some perspective. Completing this song was a very freeing experience for me, helping