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Garbage - The Blow - MOON - Annie Hart - Emily Rockarts - Frankie Rose

Garbage - No Horses. Background - Garbage yesterday released their new single "No Horses". All of the band's profits from sales and streaming of the single will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross through the end of 2018. "'No Horses' is basically a dream fueled anxiety attack. A dark imagining of the future in which a presiding regime values only profit and success leaving no room for tiny beautiful things, small gestures and great beasts," shared Garbage singer Shirley Manson on the song.  Earlier this month, Garbage released their autobiographical coffee table book, This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake via Akashic Books. The book includes never before seen photographs of the band as well as pieces written by each of the four band members. Throughout their upcoming tour, Garbage will be visiting a select number of indie record stores and bookstores across the country to sign copies of the book. A complete list of upcomin

Garbage - Dallas Texas - 1998

With one of Scotland's (UK) finest female vocalists, it's easy to forget that Garbage are primarily an American band from Madison Wisconsin. This is Garbage back on the 15th October 1998 live in concert at the Bronco Bowl, Dallas, Texas, USA. Source: I am uncertain, the originator of this copy suggests soundboard, however it may be from local FM (anyone shed some light on this?). Sound Quality: Highly listenable (soundboard?) good stereo at 160kbps. Genre: Indie / Alternative Rock Set: Full live concert Set List: 1. Temptation Waits 2. Not My Idea 3. I Think I'm Paranoid 4. Special 5. My Lover's Box 6. Hammering In My Head 7. Thirteen 8. #1 Crush 9. Stupid Girl 10. Vow 11. Wicked Ways 12. Queer 13. Push It 14. Only Happy When It Rains 15. You Look So Fine 16. Milk 17. Trip My Wire 18. When I Grow Up Links: Official Website HERE MySpace site HERE and Wikipedia HERE . Comments: It seems likely Garbage have run their course, which is preferable to releasing a tire