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Fake Shape - Nicole Atkins - Kite - On-The-Go - Britt - Tim Cheesebrow - Inbetween Movies - Selci

Fake Shape just released 'Headspace' a slick and stylish indie song with exquisite vocals and musicianship. === Nicole Atkins shares a video for 'Captain' featuring Britt Daniel, it's a dreamy pop piece with a gorgeous retro film. === From Sweden we have Kite and 'Tranås/Stenslanda' where the indie electro duo share an expansive, emotional and dramatic song. === Moscow based band On-The-Go have released 'Unsaid' a distinctive multi genre influenced song that is oozing hooks. === Britt shares song and video 'Looking For Another' a rhythmic, melodic and in all fairness quite mesmerising track. === Tim Cheesebrow has a new album out simply called '7' from which we have the first of twelve tracks 'Almost Through the Dark'. The song gives a good feel for the album where crafted musicianship and arrangements are driven by Tim's notably fine vocals. === Inbetween Movies first appeared here just a couple of months back and no

ROCH - The Ah - On-The-Go feat. Naadia

ROCH returns to Beehive Candy for a fourth time this year with her latest single (and album title track) 'Via Media'. Accompanied with a cleverly matched video the imaginative singer songwriter, has a musical backdrop that is atmospheric, whilst once again her distinctive vocals are just captivating. === We are always on the search for music that's just a little different yet engaging and The Ah and his lead single from the 'Mere Husk' album, due in January fulfils all of that with the wonderful piece 'Watermelon Tears'. === Indie quintet On-The-Go (feat. Naadia) have just released 'High' a superb and hook laden song with fabulous vocals and harmonies surrounded by a gorgeous musical arrangement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROCH - Via Media. London based singer, songwriter, and producer ROCH shares a new video for latest single plus album title track ‘Via Media’. A slinky, melancho

Quality Not Quantity: Anousheh - On-The-Go

Anousheh - Bones. Background promo - Electro-Pop artist Anousheh has just launched her latest, buzz-worthy single, "Bones." Anousheh's fresh style combines Pop sensibilities that offers a unique, and slightly nostalgic sound for your ears. The songstress has been garnering the praise of fans and critics alike who can't get enough of her hypnotic vocals and captivating instrumentation. Anousheh is known for her epic melodies, and the Grammy-nominated songwriter has captivated audiences both overseas and in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Drawing early influences from some of her 90's music idols like Tori Amos, Bjork, and Radiohead, her songwriting style has always been rooted in introspection and metaphor. As an adult, Anousheh's love of pop music, hip hop and indie rock has focused her songwriting into hook-driven, thoughtful pop songs-- and in line with artists like Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding and Halsey. Facebook here . 'Bones' is one fine elec