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Brick Briscoe - La Legacie - Indigo

We have either the song '12x12' or the entire 'From Lucky Point To Pere Lachaise' album to choose from below as Brick Briscoe has given us a single taste or the whole collection to enjoy. Hard to categorise the whole album is anything from Rock to Americana and is intended to be listened to as a whole, personally I think it is thirty five minutes well spent. We have to go back over three years for our only other feature for La Legacie however the latest single 'Darkness Of Light' makes for a welcome return, the soulful vocals of newest band member Lili adjust beautifully in a rock and roll setting, as this unique band once again hit our radar. Indigo have released a video for their latest single 'La Luna' where the indie rockers create an addictive vibe, described as "80s 'driving at night" music it's all of that and oh so fine. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Quality Not Quantity: Renders - Arc Iris - La Legacie - Chain Wallet

Renders - Running Through The Night. Kelly McMichael (Renders) has this to say about the featured song and forthcoming EP - The song is my 'take back the night' anthem, inspired by Slutwalk, dedicated to empowering those of us who feel vulnerable walking at night, and to protest victim-blaming. It's the first track off my Self-titled EP. The EP is out July 8th. On this EP, I am looking both inwards towards the emotional core and outwards to the dance floor. I write about the fluid and complex relationships we face - relationships tied to personal growth, inner struggles, and the multi-faceted world of human relations. This debut EP is about claiming space and demanding acceptance. Writing from an emotional intelligence; and singing for the fluid and tangled forces tied to nature. Keeping a keen ear to both classic and contemporary pop music. There are four really cool songs on the EP and featured track 'Running Through The Night' is the opener. Beehive Candy