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Quality Not Quantity: Reflecktor - Close Talker - Diet Cig

Reflecktor - Mirrors. Background - Reflecktor formed in 2014 and are based in Sheffield and London. Reflecktor are Felicity Crook, John Kubicki, Jon Gray and Pete Marett, a collective of musicians, dj’s and producers creating their own brand of psychedelic indie electronica. Reflecktor aim to fuse their diverse influences from many musical genres and eras. What started out as a dancefloor based writing project, between long time label mates Jon Gray (producer/mixer) and Pete Marett (drummer/producer), soon grew out of control when they asked vocalist and guitarist John Kubicki to get involved. Kubicki added his tripped out lyrical and melodic ideas to the mix but something was still missing; a feminine touch? Enter vocalist/DJ Felicity Crook, whom John had recently met during a recording session in Sheffield. The line-up was now complete and the unusual blend of John and Felicity’s lead vocals were the last piece of the sonic puzzle, an integral part of what makes Reflecktor’s sound

And The Beat Goes On: Brandon Krebs - Diet Cig - Long Distance Relationship - The William Shakes - Johnny Flynn

Brandon Krebs - Alarm Pheromones. Background - “Avant-garde pop for everybody, filled with romantically gloomy soul voyages” is the best way to shorthand the windswept ache of Brandon Krebs’ widescreen rock. “Making records for me is a therapeutic process almost,” Seattle songwriter/musician/producer Brandon Krebs explains. “It's my favorite thing in the world.” Krebs has decided to go with creating under his own name for new album Refuge In Exile, due out in mid-March. A deliberate change up from the heavy guitar-rock of his last release Tethered to A Piece of Falling Sky (recorded under previous moniker Stranded Sullivan), Refuge In Exile’s instantly breathtaking sweep and rhythmically undulating hooks challenge its title’s reveal of how it was made intimately and mindfully in an uncertain two-year period of the artist’s life. The nine-song full-length will be released both digitally and on vinyl. Krebs says it comes from an urgently transitional period in which he did a lot o