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Genre Wander: Lola Sparks - The Last Royals - Inventions - DENNIS - Modern Inventors

Lola Sparks - Soon To Die. Background promo - Lola Sparks is an English/German singer/songwriter and author based in Berlin, Germany. Moving there at the age of 18, she started having readings and quickly got discovered by her producer and co-writer Kris Steininger. They teamed up and decided to set her material into music. The result is an album made of her very unique reality, flavored with Berlin's pulse of dirty dry electronic beats, analog synths glued together with the classical element of an epic Orchestra - A tuneful masterpiece leading us through everything that goes on in the deepest darkest cornersof Lola´s manic realities... The lead single "Soon To Die" is from her forthcoming debut album "Diary of a Lost Girl". An elektro/alternative-pop/orchestra-album, self produced with Lola Sparks and Kris Steininger. Other guest collaborations include like James Dring (Gorillaz), Alan Moulder (Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol), Dan Gretch (Lana del Rey, Kean