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Mary Middlefield - The National Honor Society - Dubmatrix - MARBLES

Mary Middlefield - This One's for You. The Switzerland-based singer, songwriter, and composer Mary Middlefield is thrilled to share her new single "This Ones For You" and announce her forthcoming debut album Thank You, Alexander, due out on March 3, 2023. "This One’s For You" was co-produced by Mary Middlefield alongside frequent collaborator Gwen Buord. The track demonstrates a more upbeat side to Mary Middlefield. Continuously pushing her songwriting abilities to the limit, Mary reflects on meeting her soul mate in the song with lines such as “Laying under blue skies talking to you, I haven’t met you yet, someday I’ll get to.” capturing the essence of a budding romance. As Mary continues to add personal touches to her growing artistry, the video, directed by Imogen Harrison (Peaky Blinders, Luz), reflects the story of a failed romance told through a fun-filled lens. “It was a pleasure working with the same crew of musicians throughout the project, and we had