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Parliament - Funkadelic - Live in Detroit USA - 1978

Reloaded 11/May/2015 - This feature first appeared on Beehive Candy back in March 2008, we were a young music blog, full of excitement that people were actually visiting us, sometimes as many as 25 in one week (yes a whole 25). To be honest we enjoyed being a part of the party back then, although I think we took ourselves a little to seriously! This remains a good recording of George Clinton & his many fine band members. Not sure if all the links still work, however this has been requested for re-uploading many times by passers by so the one that matters does! -----------------------------------------------------------  I first became aware of Parliament through the album 'Mothership Connection'. All things Funkadelic, George Clinton, and P Funk naturally would follow. To be honest at that time in the 1970's my personal music taste was dominated by rock and punk and the whole new wave thing here in the UK. However Parliament were one of those 'cross over'