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Me and My Friends - Tara-Lynn Sharrock - Frigga

Me and My Friends - High As The Sun. Background - Me and My Friends have announced their new album 'Look Up' the release date as December 6th via Split Shift Records. Album highlight, ‘High As The Sun’, has been released as a first taster. It's a gorgeous sun-drenched track with a chorus that’ll keep you warm throughout winter. The band are also playing several live dates beginning later this month, including a newly announced show on Thursday 6th December at Rich Mix in London which promises to be a wonderful evening. Me and My Friends play soulful, poignant, and gloriously danceable music, subtly referencing many styles, including vintage Ghanaian highlife, Jamaican roots and Afro-Brazilian folk. The UK-based quintet create a timeless sound with a global outlook, performed with an infectious energy, and the result is instantly recognisable, highly original and truly genre-defying. On their new album ‘Look Up’, coming December 6th via Split Shift, the elegant voice an

Frigga - Dolls

Frigga - Flower Flower. Background - Frigga the British-Norwegian artist formerly known as Sasha Siem - returns with her most cosmic and sensual single to date, ‘Flower Flower’. Conceived in her home studio in Brooklyn NYC shortly after giving birth to her son, Dylan. The song was recorded in Queens Park, London with the UK producer Danton Supple.  ‘Flower Flower’ is a bold celebration of desire, the human body and the pure pleasure of being alive. With her wizard-like word-play, Frigga courageously leads us into the darkest and most challenging of truths while at the same time being radically celebratory and empowering.  Using sacred objects - (crystals, runes, tuning forks etc.) - to create unique percussion sounds and beats, the album also marks Frigga’s return to her first instrument - the cello. Recorded at 432 hertz - otherwise known as ‘the Love Frequency’ - the vibrations and sounds of the record are intended to ‘awaken, restore, uplift’. Frigga studied music and poetry at