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Melody - Amaroun - Cat Princess - Grace Gillespie

Melody was raised in a musical family and at sixteen years of age her new song 'Room 111' clearly demonstrates the fruit-age of that environment, with this gorgeous singer songwriter song. === Amaroun makes her third appearance on Beehive Candy with 'Rise' and once again this talented artist develops a unique and rich musical piece. === It's been a year since we last shared some music from Cat Princess however they are back with a cover version of 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' where they notably put their own stamp on it. === Grace Gillespie returns with her latest single 'HUH' and again she is consistently creative and just wonderful to listen too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Melody - Room 111. Melody recently announced she will release a new EP called Teachers Pet on June 12th via Lauren Records, and she's back with a new track. Melody Caudill is a 16 year old singe

Rex - Amaroun - Whitacre - Mats Wawa - The Mowgli's - Reliant Tom - The Claudettes

Rex are an Amsterdam based trio and they have just released 'Palaces' a beautiful track with hints of Nick Cave however the trio add so much more. === Amaroun already has a reputation for creating music that is hard to categorise, not that it matters 'Talk' is just one very individual song and it's wonderful. === They describe themselves as a mountain rock band and somehow Whitacre give that description credence as new song 'Prodigal' amply demonstrates. === Mats Wawa have a new album out called 'Rock Omelette' which comprises of ten tracks, described by their promo as a mixture of "AOR, slacker soul or just classic rock" it's all of that pulled together by the bands consistent catchy and highly melodic sound. === The Mowgli's are back with 'Weight On Me' and again the band are on top form with a colourful video accompanying this hook filled song. === Reliant Tom share 'Nevermind The Garbage' a song that opens g

Varvara - Martha Ffion - Amaroun - Berries

Varvara - Anxiety. Background - Varvara have released their new single 'Anxiety' and announce the new album 'Go'. Varvara from Hamina, South-East Finland have come a long way since the release of their debut album back in 2011. Varvara was originally formed by main songwriter and guitarist-vocalist Mikko Kiri in 2007 when moving back to his old childhood neighborhood after studies around Finland. Mikko wanted to start a band that would locate in Hamina and gather its’ influences from the late 90s and early 2000s; a period he had first gotten actively involved in music. Soon Mikko found himself among friends and decided to name the band after a statue they used to gather round before nights of misbehaving. Varvara Schantin (1870-1941), the hometown hero who that statue represents, was born in Russia but became an important figure in the small town of Hamina. Schantin handed out food and refreshments to soldiers as they were preparing for war and their possible date wi