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Djustin - Lusid - Kate Nash - Twilight Fields

Djustin - New Preset. Background - Djustin "New Preset" - new single. Just two weeks after the release of Te Legends' Nightshift album, Sweden’s Johan Angergård returns alongside longtime American confidant, Rose Suau, to release Djustin's debut album, Voyagers on May 5. Voyagers is a glittering, sensual exploration into an unchartered and fully-electrified universe. It is a tale of "Future Love", where a newly-conscious, idealized romanticism is propelled by contagious dance beats, synth-driven melodies, and sweetly seductive vocals. The soundscape is sophisticated and visionary, yet the stories are intimate and relatable. "Voyagers" is a journey through a spectrum of emotional highs and lows: from the apex of adult infatuation and desire, to the darkest abyss  of disconnection and existentialism. Every detail from beat, hook, and lyrical lexicon is unveiled deftly. Clearly, Rose and Johan wouldn't surrender anything less.   Djustin'

Midweek Muse: Twilight Fields - Lucina Luchii

Twilight Fields - All the Love I Can. Background - Twilight Fields is from Northern Canada and makes a mixture of atmospheric and psychedelic rock and influences from progressive rock, ambient, dream-pop, psych-folk and shoegaze. "All the Love I Can" was originally conceived as part of a Beach Boys cover ep of the song "All I Wanna Do" from the "Sunflower" album. When I dropped that idea half finished, I decided I still really liked one of the original compositions I had intended to include, "All the Love I Can", which emphasizes the theme of unconditional love of the original song. The production pays homage to the wall of sound production style practised by Brian Wilson and Phil Spector. "False Friend" is an old song redone in an ambient pop style and deals with the subject of betrayal. Facebook here . We are told by Twilight Fields regarding the new song  'All the Love I Can' - "I thought it would be a good way to

Twilight Fields - Further Up, Further In (Album)

Twilight Fields - Our Anthem (99). Background promo - Allister Thompson has led a varied musical life, having been a solo folkie but also a member of cult 70s-style glam band Crash Kelly. He has recorded Krautrock under the project name The Gateless Gate and a psych album as Khan Tengri, as well as several solo folk albums. His 2009 progressive rock album Shadowlands was well-received by progressive rock reviewers. Teri-Lynn Janveau is a classically trained pianist who also has composed and played as a member of The Gateless Gate. Tim Timleck is a veteran Canadian drummer with such playing and recording credits as Carole Pope, Emm Gryner and Universal Honey, amongst many others. “Further Up, Further In!” is the debut full-length art-rock album by Twilight Fields, of North Bay, Canada. The expansive sound and reflective, philosophical tone of this recording stem from many influences, from psychedelic and progressive rock to eighties neo-psych and alternative, psych-folk, and even amb