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Pocket Of Lollipops - RJ Thompson - Marble Mammoth - 1971

Pocket Of Lollipops - Ever Needles. Background - Official video for Ever Needles by Pocket Of Lollipops pays homage to people saying women are weak because they cry. Studies show that when men cry, they are viewed sympathetically, while women are often labeled dramatic, irrational, or manipulative if they turn on the faucet. Crying is a natural healing system.  It's time we reclaim our right to cry, since we have tons of suppressed feelings that are now being voiced by celebrities. For example treatment of women on social media, sparked by the uproar over actress Rose McGowan's or from Pussy Riot, Nadya Tolokonnikova saying “It’s important not to say to yourself, ‘Oh, it’s O.K..  This video is Pocket Of Lollipops  response to it all, sexual, political, economical; Maitejosune has made her self seem vulnerable for the cameras but the truth is she has healed, and now the viewer has to experience the pain that we constantly hide. For the Video Ever Needles, Maitejosune took all