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Double Take: Pink Milk - The Vernons

Pink Milk - Drömmens Skepp. Background - Hailing from Sweden, Pink Milk are a captivating rock concoction. Influenced by the dreamy shoegaze and gothic minimalism of 90s acts like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins and Cranes - as well as cult movies and series like Twin Peaks and True Romance - the band’s gloomy, glittering sound casts a languid, moody spell that invites addiction and demands repeated listens... This latest track ‘Drömmens skepp’ (Ship Of A Dream) is their tortuously dark take on a traditional Swedish folk song…(Staffan Percy’s 1979 version of a Bo Setterling poem). Originally commissioned by Swedish Television, Pink Milk's natural first interpretation was deemed too unhinged, too subversive for prime time consumption and thus was banished to the realm of the underground before resurfacing today to bewitch listeners once more… Swirling and crashing like a twisted fairytale lullaby or a mermaid siren calling from the cavernous ocean, the band have managed t