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The Day - Kopper - Sarah P - Short Shadows - Jess McAvoy

The Day share a catchy and imaginative dream pop song. Kopper provides us with a six minute epic piece that is full of passion and power. A firm favourite of Beehive Candy is Sarah P, who has impressed us since her days with Keep Shelley In Athens, the new E.P. is a real treat. Short Shadows vocals are a splendid affair as is the fabulous musical backdrop and finally we have Jess McAvoy whose addictive bluesy rock song is given extra edge by her guitar licks and fabulous voice. The Day - Grow. "'Grow' is quite literally about growing up through different phases of life and your very personal 'pursuit of wisdom'" says Singer Laura Loeters. The song is about farewells" and realizing how you grow older yourself by watching close people around you getting older. Laura adds: "Like many of our songs when I came up with the first idea it sounded more like a quiet more folky song. But when I picked it up on electric bass with our drummer at rehearsals