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Brinsley Schwarz - Cardiff, Wales 1974

This is Brinsley Schwarz in concert back on the 19th June 1974 at the former Top Rank venue in Cardiff, Wales (UK). This is a superb recording and demonstrates what a first class live act the band truly were. Nick Lowe (bass, vocals) and Brinsley Schwarz (guitar, vocals) originally met at Woodbridge School where they played in school bands with Barry Landerman (keyboards, vocals) and Phil Hall (guitar). In 1964, whilst still at school, they toured RAF bases in Germany as "Sounds 4+1". On leaving school, Schwarz formed "Three's A Crowd" with Pete Whale (drums) and Dave Cottam (bass). Landerman joined in 1967 and they renamed themselves "Kippington Lodge". Their first two singles, produced by Mark Wirtz, in a close-harmony pop style, both flopped. Cottam left, and Schwarz invited Nick Lowe to join. Landerman then left to join Vanity Fare, Bob Andrews joined on keyboards, and finally, Whale was replaced by Billy Rankin on drums. Although the next thr