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KIM HON - The Sea The Sea - Katy Kirby - Postdata

KIM HON - Bach o Flodyn. KIM HON explain the origin of ‘Bach o Flodyn’: “The riff and song were formed as a result of watching a documentary about Robert Johnson, and then we tried to emulate his acoustic guitar skills. Of course, we didn’t get to play anything like Johnson played but this song was born as result anyway” As with every KIM HON release you don’t know what to expect and are always taken on an unexpected journey towards the uncharted horizon.  ‘Bach o Flodyn’ is the sun setting on a joyous imaginary festival field, bathing the audience in a golden warm rays. The stars come out one by one to the hypnotic bluesy groves of KIM HON at their most magical. Libertino · KIM HON - Bach o Flodyn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sea The Sea - Stumbling Home: Oil on Paper. Innovative indie-folk duo The Sea The Sea – frequently lauded for their immaculate vocal harmonies and unusual arrangements – has had a p

KIM HON - The Belle Curves - Valve - Friendship

KIM HON have released 'Nofio Efo'r Fishis' where the Welsh language band are in genre defying mode, the sweeping musical landscape, gentle pace and assortment of vocal styles are wonderful, this is a really creative song. We have the new album from The Belle Curves entitled 'Promising Light'. Each song is a new musical journey where Americana, folk, alt rock and whatever else seems to take their fancy ensures the collection exudes variety. The one consistent is Delaney Hafener whose beautiful vocals carry each track even further, the various musicians involved deliver high quality musicianship. In short, this is a stunning debut album. Valve have just shared 'The Colours' a vibrant alt pop song with plenty of dance along vibes, the tight arrangement is notable, yep it's a fine fresh tune. From Philadelphia we have Friendship and their gentle song 'You Might Already Know'. It's low key alt country feeling is gorgeous, the vocals are cen