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The Golden Age Of TV - ROCH - Store Front - Ramshackle Rodeo - Allister Thompson - Paul Louis Villani - Sobranie 8 18

The Golden Age Of TV share 'Me, You And A Dog' a vibrant and almost urgent yet distinct sounding alt rocker. === We featured ROCH four times last year so yes, we like her and the delightful new song 'T-Rose' sees her in a more reflective personal mode. === From New York we have five piece band Store Front with 'Rip The Price Off' a smooth flowing indie pop song. === Meanwhile from Derry, Ireland Ramshackle Rodeo have released 'Duga 3' whose electro rock is both striking and dramatic. === Allister Thompson shares a video for 'Dusty In Here' from the album “No Reason to Cry: Songs by Grant McLennan,” due out on the 20th, and I have to say all eleven songs deserve a listen. === Paul Louis Villani has a new album out from which we share the first song 'Before I Go' which is just one dimension of this creative collection. === Last month we featured 'Angels Fight' from Sobranie 8 18 and now we have the full and self titled album &

ROCH - The Ah - On-The-Go feat. Naadia

ROCH returns to Beehive Candy for a fourth time this year with her latest single (and album title track) 'Via Media'. Accompanied with a cleverly matched video the imaginative singer songwriter, has a musical backdrop that is atmospheric, whilst once again her distinctive vocals are just captivating. === We are always on the search for music that's just a little different yet engaging and The Ah and his lead single from the 'Mere Husk' album, due in January fulfils all of that with the wonderful piece 'Watermelon Tears'. === Indie quintet On-The-Go (feat. Naadia) have just released 'High' a superb and hook laden song with fabulous vocals and harmonies surrounded by a gorgeous musical arrangement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROCH - Via Media. London based singer, songwriter, and producer ROCH shares a new video for latest single plus album title track ‘Via Media’. A slinky, melancho

ROCH - Moon Panda - Shhe

We have a brand new track from ROCH entitled I Love To You. With a gentle pace, a soothing atmospheric musical landscape and Roch's beautiful vocals gliding above, this is a wonderful song. Moon Panda were featured here a couple of times last year and we catch up with them with their latest song 'On The Attack'. This time they have shared a refreshing mixture of indie pop with a few splashes of dream pop and some psychedelic vibes for good measure. Shhe has shared 'Saint Cyrus' and what a refined and dreamy song it is. It's accompanied by an intriguing video, the track itself was recorded in just one take, impressive to say the least. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROCH - I Love To You. ROCH just released an atmospheric new track, 'I Love To You'. Inspired by a phrase coined by feminist writer Luce Irigiray, in an attempt to rephrase and reposition “I love you” in order to liberate

ROCH - Magnapop - Make Friends - Sandtimer

ROCH is a London based artist and her new song 'All Time Favourite Girl' is accompanied by an intriguing video, the song itself is a gorgeous and creative piece that put simply, is stunning. And I quote "Atlanta, Georgia's 90's alt-rock pioneers Magnapop return and debut new single and first music in a decade for "Need to Change . " The alt rockers jump start into a magnificent two and a bit minutes of full on music, the album will be eagerly anticipated by a good number of people I suspect. Make Friends have just released a video for their latest song 'Ellie'. It's a smooth indie pop track with more than a hint of rock to it, and it's totally engaging. Following on from our first feature for Sandtimer (we shared 'Dormant' back in April) we now have 'Whats On Your Mind' which is another striking Indie Folk song, where the duo once again demonstrate their notable talent. --------------------------------------------

ROCH - Mark Corrin - James Parm - Cold Reading - Ruthie - Emily Jean Flack - Sam Valdez

ROCH has released Blackbird a compelling and atmospheric song with her remarkable vocals adding so much more. 'You've Misjudged Your Jacket Again' is one grand song title and Mark Corrin's wry comedic observations remain intriguing to say the least. James Parm has a new album called 'Oh My Darling' (which you can stream in full below), it's a creative and genre spanning affair and a fine listen at that. 'Through the Woods, Pt.1' from Swiss alt rockers Cold Reading mixes melodic hooks with notable rock vocals as the band deliver an uptempo rocker. Ruthie has already gained the attention of BBC radio stations among others and 'Spirit Now Moves' pretty much explains why, this is one excellent song. Emily Jean Flack shares a live in the studio version of 'Throwing Shapes' where some Irish musical influences are present, however her creative and genre crossing delivery makes the song rather special. Finally today we have 'Turn' fro