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Do you come from a land down under: Curbside Drive - The Treehouse Children - Hurricane Fall - The Byzantines

Curbside Drive - Sidelined. Background - Starting off as a not so secret band within a band, three dudes assembled and bonded over their love of punk rock. Keeping the cliché alive, Jack, Danyon and Zac jammed to poorly recorded drum tracks on Youtube in a small study turned studio room, nicknamed "the toaster shack oven". Never being able to start simultaneously with the internet, Youtube was easily replaced with the arrival of Jedd who completed Curbside Drive. The Perth based band have been leaving their mark on the local scene through their ‘90s punk inspired riffs accompanied by their happy sad lyrics. Being described as pop punk, punk rock and even grunge at times, Curbside Drive are channeling their inner awkwardness and insecurities through their upcoming debut EP, 'Outside Your Window'. Recorded and produced by John Prosser of Vision Studios in their hometown of Perth and mastering done by James Newhouse of Reel2reel Studios, the EP leaves listeners with p

Genre Wander: The Byzantines - BLu ACiD - King Salami and the Cumberland Three - Locks - HEZEN

The Byzantines - Top Boy. Background - Hailing from the great South Australian state that brought you two giant balls, Farmer’s Union iced coffee and Cooper’s Pale Ale come brit pop band The Byzantines. The band share their newest single, ‘Top Boy’ from their forthcoming EP, You Pull It, set to release via Marshmallow Pavement Records on February 17th, 2017. Following the release of their debut EP and a successful European/UK tour in 2014, the boys head out on an east coast Australian tour during February and March in support of the new EP. The tour kicks off at The Karova Club in Ballarat on Friday Feb 24 with label-mates The Montreals, and Melbourne Garage- Rock darlings BATZ. They’ll make their way up the coast on a 9-date tour, hitting Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and other cities along the way. There’s nothing pale about these Adelaide lads and best mates; vocalist Michael Pietrafesa, guitarist David Zammit, Jose Moucho on bass and Johnny Zervas on drums. Considered ‘A

Weekend Wonders: Nevāda Nevada - Rayne - Gregory Clark - The Byzantines

Nevāda Nevada - 900 Days. Background - Nobody ever really quits music. Not if they ever really loved it. One can try, but it always creeps back, until one day the air is once again being caused to vibrate in the most necessary to actualize being. It is how it should be. Several years ago, Kathryn Musilek, frontman for Nevada Nevada, was a fixture in the vibrant and close-knit Iowa City, Iowa music scene, playing in numerous bands and just being generally omnipresent therein. In some way, this was the natural result of a life long love and study of music, having learned several instruments. A significant other used Kathryn as an entry point into this world, and once on the inside, spread their lovin' all over, with the knowledge of everyone in town--everyone, that is, but Kathryn. This betrayal hurt so bad, it required that Iowa City be left behind in favor of Brooklyn and the creation of music be left behind in favor publicizing the same. It was a sort of "I need to be a ne