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Genre Wander: Enemies - War Nurse - Walpurgis Family - Desert Mountain Tribe

Enemies - Glow (feat. Louise Gaffney). Background - Enemies will release their third and final album entitled Valuables on December 9th via Topshelf Records. Valuables documents a turbulent time for the band — intensive writing, recording and touring, coupled with a lack of shared vision, led to a decision that harmony in ending is ultimately more valuable than discord in continuing. On "Glow," the final single to be released from Valuables, Enemies provide the ethereal backing track for the haunting vocals of guest vocalist Louise Gaffney of Come On Live Long. Formed in 2007, Enemies, an experimental/indie-rock four-piece from Kilcoole, Ireland, have spent almost a decade writing, recording and producing their own records. Having travelled the world with tours in Asia, North America and Europe, the band has continuously developed their sound, remaining incredibly distinct within Ireland’s experimental music scene. Enemies surprise their listeners with every release by con