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Suzy and The Lifeguard - Richard Edwards - Emily Keener

We have already featured a couple of impressive tracks from Suzy and The Lifeguard 'Anima' E.P due May 1st and now we have a third song entitled 'Loolluby', which is a calm and dreamy ballad. === We have to go back to January 2017 for the last appearance of Richard Edwards on Beehive Candy still the new song coincidentally entitled 'January' makes for a fine return, it's a beautifully textured and melodic piece. === Following on from 'Do You Love Me Lately' Emily Keener returns with 'Boats' ahead of the album, 'I Do Not Have to Be Good', due out May 22, the new song is gentle, sincere and intimate folk music. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Suzy and The Lifeguard - Loolluby. Mental health is seemingly being torn apart at the seams amongst the Covid-19 crisis. Suzy & the Lifeguard’s new ballad, “Loolluby,” presents a soothing elixir, while also questioning what i

Emily Keener - Matt Harlan - Emerald Park - Adam & Elvis

Emily Keener releases 'Do You Love Me Lately' this coming Friday and we have to go back almost three years since we last featured her. Ahead of her new album due in May this is a gentle introduction, the vocals are beautiful and shine above a restrained musical backdrop. === Matt Harlan releases 'Best Beasts' his brand new album comprising of thirteen really fine songs. The songwriter mixes personal observations with some refined musical arrangements that are natural and easily connect with the listener. === A couple of weeks back we featured 'Rules Don't Apply from Emerald Park and now we have a video for 'The Haze' also taken from their impressive brand-new E.P 'Basement Sessions'. === Since 2016 Adam & Elvis have appeared here on four occasions and the fifth is for 'Bedwetters' an alt rocker that finds the band in marvelous form with this rather intriguing song. -----------------------------------------------------------------

Emily Keener - Rips - Spirit Bunny - Northern National - Vulgarians

Emily Keener - Light & Sound. Background - Emily Keener is a eighteen-year-old singer/songwriter from Wakeman, OH. Since her exciting journey into the Top 12 on NBC’s The Voice, Emily has been writing and recording diligently in an effort to capture the energy of this most transformative year. Emily started playing the guitar when she was 11 years old and began writing songs when she was almost 12. A natural curiosity and passion for music quickly got her performing frequently and writing constantly. Almost 6 years later, she has written over 100 original songs and released three EPs and two LPs. Her songs are distinctly original, and the ideas she manages to express in them belie a soul that seems to be much older than seventeen. Before training with renowned vocal coach, Joan Ellison and master guitarist, Tony Schaffer, Emily was entirely self-taught and thrived on the time she spent locked away with a guitar and a notebook. Quote From Emily: "'Light & Sound&#