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Discovery Zone - Jessy Yasmeen - Pete Gardiner - Ynys - Greg Klyma - Blake English

Discovery Zone has just released 'Dance II' which follows on from 'Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody' which we featured four weeks ago, the new track is another refined electro piece with dreamy vocals. === Jessy Yasmeen just released the beautiful song 'Dreams' where both the musical arrangement and vocals really impress. === Pete Gardiner is back with 'Pick Your Side' a song that is vocally and lyrically mesmerizing, it takes a second listen to take it all in. === We featured Ynys last July and now we have 'Aros Am Byth' as the Welsh language singer once again shares a melodic and beautiful song. === The latest Greg Klyma video for 'Coffee and Weed' was made entirely during social distancing, it's described as a country waltz, an expression that kinda say's it all. === Blake English mixes Glam rock and punk together wonderfully on his brand new 'Spiders Make Great Poets' E.P, it's energized, imaginat