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Hundreds - Melby - CocoRosie - Rosie Carney - Ross Palmer

We shared 'Body Of Water' by Hundreds in January and they are back with their third single 'Calling' and it's another splendid electro pop song. === It's a year to the day since we last featured Melby who have just released 'Things I Do When I'm Alone' a melodic indie folk track that is warm and so engaging. === Yesterday CocoRosie released their seventh album entitled 'Put The Shine On' from which we have already shared some tracks, now we have the whole collection and it is everything they promised and more. === Time flies by, it's been over a year since we last featured Rosie Carney whose back with the new single 'When I Look At You'. So this is appearance twelve on Beehive Candy, maybe that's enough of a recommendation in it's own right. === Today Ross Palmer releases 'You Wont Need To Cry' a smooth, melodic alt folk kind of a song and it's beautiful. ----------------------------------------------------