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Little Church - Shiny Glide - Manwomanchild

We have the latest E.P from Little Church titled 'It's Not You' streaming in full below, it comprises of five songs opening with 'Last Night' a gorgeous track that typifies the bands music where various genres merge into a distinctive and refined band sound. Shiny Glide (aka Antony Venneri) shares 'Innocent Moon' a beautiful, sweeping and natural ballad, accompanied by a fabulous video collage of old film and cartoon clips, that somehow add to the tenderness of this song. It's been some time since Manwomanchild appeared here, that said 'Bellwether' is a welcome return, the lyrics are clever and the video suitably works alongside, the song is catchy, personal and very pleasing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Little Church - It's Not You (E.P). On their latest release Its Not You, Little Church seamlessly merges rock, soul, layered psychedeli

Coralcrown - The Hold Steady - Manwomanchild

Coralcrown - Between The Lights. Background - Between the Lights showcases the subtlety and sensitivity in Coralcrown’s body of work. It’s a song about a shy guy fighting his own insecurities to ask a girl to dance. Unbeknownst to him, she’s fighting her own securities too. It’s a clever and poignant meditation on the prison of our internal complexes, made into something aesthetically sublime through Coralcrown’s tactful guitar work and his mastery of vocal layering and harmony. Upon settling in London, Coralcrown auteur Luis Gotor took a hiatus from music, crestfallen that his old band had finished. Eventually, the capital’s vibrant and diverse musical nightlife captivated him, and he decided to return to music as a solo artist on his own terms and with complete creative control. Coralcrown is the result of that. It’s a vital and visionary project, establishing Luis as an ambitious musician with a gifted ear for the kind of restlessly infectious melodies that made popular music f

Friday Five: Feuds - Teddy and The Love Gang - Emily Capell - Manwomanchild - Smoke Season

Feuds - River Of Wine. Background promo - Brisbane's Feuds herald the dawn of a new musical era in their journey with their unmistakably stadium-worthy single 'River Of Wine'. Anthemic from start to finish, the crowning glory of 'River Of Wine' lies in its chorus, which is driven by what is arguably one of the most colossal vocal hooks in recent memory. Frontman Jeremy Hunter was inspired by his struggles with using alcohol as a crutch, and never finding the peace he craved. "The bulk of the track comes from the struggles I was having with drinking a couple years back, suffering these awful bouts of depression for days afterwards, in this never ending cycle," says Hunter. Feuds are a curious beast; not exactly a new band, but not exactly old either. They performed in various forms under a different moniker for years, building up a respectable following and supporting the likes of Bad//Dreems, Holy Holy, Harts, and The Belligerents. Now they're r