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Metaspion - Trampoline - Sun Salute - Watling & Bates

The very idea of fusing folk, EDM alongside other genres had me intrigued and Metaspion doesn't disappoint with the splendid track entitled 'Pyros'. Trampoline released their debut album last month and 'Emilys Tea Party' is to good to pass up on even if we are (ahem) a little late to the party. Sun Salute share some gorgeous roots music channelling natural reggae vibes with a timeless feel. Watling & Bates give us a taste of Australia meets Americana style country music, that is both imaginative and a little on the Gothic side. Metaspion - Pyros. There is a new single from acclaimed Norwegian electronica artist Metaspion entitled "Pyros" (feat Skam R' Tist). Metaspion is known for fusing folk, EDM and other genres in intriguing ways as evidenced on his 2018 full-length Folktronica Schmolkfonika.. About new single "Pyros", he says: "It was a "wow!" moment when I first put an 808 kick over a Hardanger fiddle playing