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Talkboy - Jenn Vix - Nathan & Jessie - Jacko Hooper

Talkboy return for a fourth time on Beehive Candy, this time with 'Wasting Time' another gorgeous indie pop (with a touch of rock) song, firing melodic hooks in all directions! We featured Jenn Vix a couple of times in 2017 and she is back with a new E.P '6' of which we can share the video for 'Ride' the first song in the collection and a good indicator of the quality of her highly engaging electro pop. We have two wonderful songs from Nathan & Jessie whose mixing of jazz, folk, country and more is simply incredible, expect up-skilled talent, you won't be disappointed. First featured here in November last year Jacko Hooper is back with a video for 'Sidelines' and for a change we have added some reviews from others, equally impressed by his material and vocal ability. Talkboy - Wasting Time. Taking things up a notch with sparkling new anthem Wasting Time, Leeds sextet Talkboy reaffirm their budding status as one of Yorkshire’s most exciting

Stalking Like Candy - Joe Rusi - Belle Miners - Jenn Vix

Stalking Like Candy - Can You See The Light. Background - Stalking Like Candy are celestial beings, transcended from the ennui of terrestrial life. Indomitable. Their latest single Can You See The Light builds on the Cyberpunk universe of movies like Blade Runner and books like Neuromancer. It tells the tale of a street urchin from neo-Tokyo, her rise out of the slums, and the nostalgia she retains for the neon alleyways of her childhood. Stalking Like Candy combines a Pixies post-punk ethos with synths, beats, raps, and soaring melodies and harmonies. The lineup is Thida G (vox, synths, samples), Dr J (aka Jamie Q) (vox, guitar, synths, ukulele and stuff), Gabe (vox, bass), and Aleŝ ‘jazz hands’ Svoboda (drums). The band grew out of Locos, a covers band that’s been demolishing the Coogee covers scene since early 2016. Stalking mostly plays originals, but they love reinterpreting a few classics to really get the crowd pumping. You’ll see. Can You See The Light was born on a rainy w

The Fluids - Coyote Run - Jenn Vix - The Limiñanas

The Fluids - Sign N' Drive. Background -  “Sign N’ Drive” is the frenetic and addictive second single that The Fluids have shared from their forthcoming debut album No Kidding! (out October 27th via Axis Mundi Records. Self-proclaimed as America’s Newest Band™, The Fluids were introduced to the world earlier this month with their undeniable, critically-acclaimed debut single “Creatures”, which the New York Times said "...vibrates with the giddy energy of the city’s early-2000s rock scene — the sound is tight, the vibe is loose, the singer’s accent is adopted.” With their debut full-length, No Kidding! flying high as their banner, The Fluids are storming the front lines of cultural trendsetting with ripping guitar solos and saddlebags filled with tequila sodas, calamari, and what they claim to be the best pot in the city (based on how great this album is, I’m inclined to believe them?!). The band has drawn apt comparisons to everyone from the Talking Heads and Berlin-e