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Talkbøx - MARBL - Cassady Southern - Lady Dan

Talkbøx - People People People. Talkbøx creates an unique type of music fusing electronic music with retro acoustic elements. Talkbøx (est. 2019) consists of producer/beatmaker Dion Peters (Dion Dash), Dana Havrylyuk and guitarist/writer Mitchell Giebels. Both of these guys and girl have their history in music: Dion having the experience working as an electronic music producer and DJ for nearly 10 years and Mitchell being a professional photographer who has worked with some of the greatest musicians to have faced the earth. Dana is currently a student at the Maastricht conservatory in the Netherlands. The music style of Talkbøx positively resembles the 80s in the western world, and is usually quite happy and cheerful. Talkbøx about new single People People People: "At the end of June 2020 we started writing People People People. It was on a summer evening where we actually had no intention of writing music. After we had swum that night, we got inspired to create music in the studi

Quality Not Quantity: Calling All Astronauts - Adwaith - Cassady Southern

Calling All Astronauts - Life As We Know It. Background - 2016 has been another fantastic year for West London Electro Punks Calling All Astronauts. It has seen the release of their widely acclaimed second album “Anti-Social Network” Their single Empire hit #2 in the Official European Indie Chart, they’ve had two #1s in the Hype Machine Twitter Chart, they headlined the Bandstand Stage on the final night of Beautiful Days Festival. They have seen their Twitter following swell to over 500,000. They round off the year with their ninth single, “Life As We Know It” released via Supersonic Media on Dec 23rd in which we see a more mellow, electronic side to these usually noisy rockers. The single is backed by three remixes and would you believe a “shuffle” video. “We are not a band to release the same single over and over, yes they all sound like us, but we are very eclectic in our influences and I hope our music reflects this” David CAA. Website here , Facebook here . The original ve