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H.C. McEntire - Portland - Scott Goldbaum - The Velvet Hands

H.C. McEntire - New View. H.C. McEntire shares “New View,” the latest single from her forthcoming album Every Acre, which releases January 27 via Merge Records. Accompanied by a music video directed by Jethro Waters and performed by choreographer/dancer Maya Orchin, “New View” straddles the line between music and poetry, weaving back and forth between each realm. Citing poets “Day, Ada, and Laux, Berry, and Olds,” McEntire’s voice is at moments fierce and others tender, offering a sense of both giving and taking, releasing and claiming. H.C. McEntire expounds on the new single: “Inspired by a late-night meditation under an October full moon, the lyrics for ‘New View’ were written from a place of possibility and promise – the feeling of falling in love, affirming its realness and rawness, committing to the openness and bravery required for it to fully emerge, being willing to let it lead. It is about leaning into the notion that what you seek is seeking you and making room for its manif

bdrmm - Madame Psychosis - Faultress - Very Good - The Electric Arch - Kacy & Clayton - Portland

bdrmm first appeared here in October last year and the new song 'Shame' makes for a refreshing return as the mixture of lighter shoegaze and to use their expression ugly pop, works so well together. We have previously shared a couple of songs from Madame Psychosis and the opportunity to present the new album 'Survivor' is to good to pass up on. The band mix alt pop and indie rock together with clarity and passion, they are quite open about their musical influences, yet manage to present a distinct and very fine sound. There are a couple of songs to hear from Faultress namely 'Marilyn' and 'Beating Heart'. Both are notably different, the vocals give some continuity, however the creativity and delivery is outstandingly good. Sean Cronin the man behind Very Good has also shared a couple of tracks recently with 'Ghost Warning' and 'Adulthood' showcasing his off the wall creativity. Genre defying and veering towards experimental at time

JYLDA - Josh Del - Todd Warner Moore - Charlie Hole - Portland

'Reeled' from JYLDA is dreamy, melodic and her vocals are alluring, add in the vibrant beats and the song is indeed extremely catchy. Josh Del is another artist where the vocals are a key ingredient, their natural Americana instinct coming to the fore on 'Rolling Stone' a timeless country piece. Todd Warner Moore has just released 'Love & Change' an album comprising of thirteen songs, where his musical talents explore a variety of genres, and with excellent production this is a fabulous collection of music. Charlie Hole latest song 'All The Roads To Heaven' is just beautiful, the singer/song writer brims with feeling and the melodic hooks do the rest. Expansive, atmospheric and dreamily seductive 'Expectations' by Portland is a mixture of emotion, calmness and power, now there's a combination. JYLDA - Reeled. JYLDA is Italian-German Gianna Gehlhar's musical alter ego. Now based in London after a stint in Berlin, she releases he