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Grizzly Coast - FRITZ

Grizzly Coast - Zuzu's Petals. Background from Grizzly Coast - My background as a poet, mixed with my lifelong affinity for playing music, lead me to blending the two mediums on my debut album Gold Lined Path.  My new single, “Zuzu’s Petals,” showcases my expansion into a full-band sound, and my commitment to free-falling even deeper into my lyrics. “Zuzu’s Petals” is about the feeling of self-assurance – something that struck me on a refreshing upswing that I rode after going through a breakup. Finding simple luxuries in both solitude and community, and really focusing on music were what brought me back home to myself. With the song’s upbeat tempo and lyrics, I aimed to evoke the excitement that you feel when you’re inspired by the boundless possibilities that exist in your future. This video attempts to capture the growth and joy that solitude can bring, and frames it in a single summer’s day, FACEBOOK . Grizzly Coast's vocals are quite beguiling as well as beautiful