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Annabel Allum - UV - ​Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey - We Are Strangers

It's our fifth feature for Annabel Allum in just over a year and we don't mind! The Guildford (UK) artist continues to deliver impressive and driven songs packed full of hooks, the more the merrier as far as I am concerned. UV 's vocals are striking and emotive whilst the ambient musical backdrop gives them even more exposure on 'Wilt' a powerful and intriguing song. ​Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey have just shared 'Deathwish Blue' along with a video, it's a dreamy, atmospheric and pleasing power ballad and it's hard to resist a second play. Finally we have seven songs to enjoy on We Are Strangers new E.P. It's hard to categorise the music and yet it also has the conundrum of a timeless feel on some of the songs, whatever, give it a listen this is very good music. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Annabel Allum - When The Wind Stopped. It’s beco