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Lilla Parasit - Rubaiyat - Union Duke - Jennah Barry

Lilla Parasit were featured a couple of times here towards the end of last year and they return today with 'Eirik', a song that sees them continue to explore differing rock moods with imagination. === Los Angeles based trio Rubaiyat have today released 'Breathers' a distinctive and atmospheric alt rocker. === Another band we shared music from twice last year are Union Duke who now have a video for the fabulous and refined roots rock song 'Left Behind'. === Whilst we are on the subject of artists who made a couple of appearances here last year Jennah Barry is another and has just shared 'Big Universe' accompanied by a video, her gorgeous vocals again shining through ahead of her new album due in March. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lilla Parasit - Eirik. Late 2019, Lilla Parasit signed to Stockholm label family Rama Lama Records (Chez Ali, Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes, Julia Rakel e

Emmrose - The Pairs - The Know - Big Fox - Ben Watt - Ducks Unlimited - Brooke Bentham - Lilla Parasit

Emmrose has a new single entitled 'Hopeless Romantics'. With hints of Latin music and Emmrose's melodic and engaging vocals this is feisty and catchy affair. === The Pairs have shared 'Will And A Way' where beautiful vocals and harmonies are accompanied by a gentle acoustic backdrop on this mesmerising track. === Formed in late 2018 The Know have a new video for '143', a dreamy and atmospheric song that seemingly glides along. === Folk singer-songwriter Big Fox has just released 'All I'm Trying' the Sweden based artist's vocals are sublime on this gentle song. === We featured 'Sunlight Follows The Night' back in September and Ben Watt returns with another video, this time for 'Balanced On A Wire' that once again suggests his forthcoming album 'Storm Damage' is going to be rather special. === We first featured Ducks Unlimited back in July and they return now with 'Gleaming Spires' which is another vibrant, melo

Thyla - Lilla Parasit - Kiwi Jr.

Thyla have returned with their newest release 'Two Sense'. Last year we featured the band four times as they consistently impressed us with some real stand out material, now they return with a high octane alt rocker with plenty of the Thyla characteristics such as passion, commitment and rocking hooks.  From the Swedish band Lilla Parasit we have 'Gaslights' which mixes some subtle psychedelic vibes with a mixture of indie folk and rock the combination working really well, it's a little Lo-Fi and its rather catchy. Canadian band Kiwi Jr. have just shared their first international single 'Salary Man' and have an album due in January next year. Accompanied with a video Salary man is a fabulous and slightly quirky song, the vocals and lyrics are superb and the bands tight musical delivery a perfect match. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thyla - Two Sense. Positioning themselves at the forefro