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Monday Mix: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The Raveonettes - Sarah Beatty - The New Respects

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Down (is Where I Want To Be). Background - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, heads into its twelfth year and the release of its fifth album, The Tourist. Like previous Clap Your Hands Say Yeah records, The Tourist nods to Alec Ounsworth’s musical heroes—a group that includes artists such as John Cale, Robert Wyatt, Tom Waits and Nick Cave. However, this album also shows a natural progression from previous records. “Better Off” and “The Vanity Of Trying” are lush, keyboard-augmented songs, while “A Chance To Cure” and “Ambulance Chaser” are rhythmically askew, and the sighing “Loose Ends” is delicate, acoustic-based folk-rock. Ounsworth spent about a week recording The Tourist at Dr. Dog’s Philadelphia-based studio with a drummer and bassist. After that, he and engineer Nick Krill spent a few months “tidying things up” and recording additional embellishments: backup vocals, keyboards, guitars and more percussion. That gives The Tourist more of a band feel than the

Monday Mix: The Raveonettes - The New Respects - Kosi

The Raveonettes - This Is Where It Ends. Background promo - The Raveonettes have released the new track "This Is Where It Ends" . "This Is Where It Ends" is the ninth track release from the band's official Rave-Sound-Of-The-Month playlist where the duo will continue to upload a freshly recorded track on the last Friday of every month until December.  The 'anti-album' will feature a collection of new tracks that aren't bound by the constraints of the format.  Join the Rave-Sound-Of-The-Month and subscribe to the playlist here . The Raveonettes also continue their new Pledge Music Campaign where fans can pledge for the CD and vinyl of the forthcoming new album. Sign up for the Pledge Music Campaign here . Bands website here . 'This Is Where It Ends' the latest song from The Raveonettes 'anti album' is melodic and quite atmospheric. Whispered vocals and a sometimes sparse musical background gently lead into a sweeping soundtrack. Lo