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Leonard Cohen - More From The 1979 Tour

The officially released album 'Field Commander Cohen - Tour of 1979' is a live album by Leonard Cohen released in 2001. Songs were recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, on 4th, 5th, and December 6th, 1979 and at the Dome Theatre, Brighton, on December 15th, 1979. Leonard Cohen said it was his best tour ever. Accompanying Leonard Cohen was the jazz band Passenger from Austin, Texas, see line up details below. These additional recordings include six songs from the Brighton Dome Concert Hall, (Brighton, England 15th December 1979) that were not on the official release including a stunning version of 'Silent Night'. The Birmingham concert has circulated as a bootleg in it's own right. The sound leveling and editing on a couple of songs suggests this was a soundboard tape that was not part of the material recorded for the live album, that said this is a wonderful concert and the overall audio is fantastic. From Wikipedia regarding this era - In 1979,

Leonard Cohen - Royal Albert Hall 1988

This is Leonard Cohen live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England back on the 30th May 1988. The performance was recorded by the BBC (from their own soundboard) but never subsequently broadcast. In 1987, Jennifer Warnes's tribute album Famous Blue Raincoat helped restore Leonard Cohen's career in the USA and the following year he released 'I'm Your Man', which marked a drastic change in his music. Synthesizers ruled the album and Leonard Cohen's lyrics included more social commentary and dark humour. It was Leonard Cohen's most acclaimed and popular since Songs of Leonard Cohen. "First We Take Manhattan" and the title song have become two of his most popular songs. Source: Soundboard (BBC). Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Folk, folk rock, blues. Set: Full Set*. Track List: 01 Dance Me To The End Of Love 02 Ain't No Cure For Love 03 Who By Fire 04 Bird On The Wire 05 I'm Your Man 06 Sister

Leonard Cohen - Gothenburg Sweden 1993

This is Leonard Cohen from 1993 touring around the time of 'The Future' being released, (his last tour until now). Due to appear at Glastonbury this year and also touring from June 2008 in Canada and Europe, if you get a chance to see him live, take it! Having released three 'official' live albums, this is the first live material I have heard from 'The Future' era, and it is extremely good. The man remains a massive influence in music, and now in his seventies, is as eagerly anticipated, as at any other time in his forty year musical career. This was recorded from an FM broadcast of the concert at the Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden, on the 2nd May 1993. The set list was: 01. [6:56.67] The Future 02. [5:00.68] Ain't No Cure for Love 03. [6:23.33] Bird on the Wire (radio announcer) 04. [6:44.43] First We Take Manhattan 05. [4:14.05] Suzanne 06. [5:47.54] I'm Your Man 07. [6:58.47] Joan of Arc 08. [7:45.00] Closing Time 09. [5:58.58] Hallelujah (rad