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Grin - Washington DC 1972

Before forming Grin , Nils Lofgren had already played piano in Neil Young's Band (and whilst with Grin he performed on the album 'After The Gold Rush'). I understand that it was on the strength of his membership of Neil Young's band that Grin obtained a record contract and in their short history they recorded four albums. Nils Lofgren of course went on to become highly successful as a solo artist, along with his long standing membership of the E Street Band. Having discovered Nils Lofgren through his 'Cry Tough' release in 1976, I rapidly bought his back catalogue of Grin albums, and was surprised by how diverse the songs were. This is Grin live in concert at the Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington DC back on the 1st December 1972. Source: Soundboard Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps. Genre : Rock, Blues, Country Rock. Set: Full Set. Set List: 01. I Had Too Much 02. Ain't Love Nice 03. Love Or Else

Nils Lofgren - Pinkpop Festival 1977

It was the UK's NME (New Musical Express), that introduced me to Nils Lofgren , way back when I was a much, much, younger person in the second half of the 1970's. I was so impressed I went about purchasing his earlier material with 'Grin', and feel a strange personal satisfaction that has been such a key member of Bruce Springsteen's 'E Street Band'. This then is Nils Lofgren and band, back on the 30th May 1977, at the Pink Pop Festival, Geleen, Holland. Source: Local FM radio broadcast. Sound Quality: Very Good quality FM Stereo off air recording converted to 320kbps MP3. Genre: Rock, Blues Rock, high quality guitar and vocals. Set: Part of the festival set (as far as I know), for FM broadcast featuring key songs. Set List: 1.Incidentally it's over. 2.Like rain. 3.Code of the road. 4.Keith don't go. 5.Moon tears. 6.I came to dance. Total Playing Time 38:01 Links: Official Site (very good) HERE . Informative Wikipedia entry HERE . Comments: Nil