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Abby Zotz - Warbly Jets - The Callas with Lee Ranaldo

Abby Zotz - Good Bones / Stability. Background - Abby Zotz contemplates the stories an old house could tell in her second video release from her solo recording, Local Honey. Good Bones, another co-write with long-time collaborator and former Two Roads Home partner Bryan Williston has a warm folk-country feel and features her live band and videography and direction by Ryan Osman.   Ryan's careful attention to detail and the presence of the band create the deep fondness and humour found in real human connection and add depth to the message of the song: “that we stand alone, but within a larger community, and that our bones, like a home's, must be lived in and loved if we're to make any sense of this life.”   Sharing her personal journey with an enchanting voice, soul-touching lyrics and a range of musical styles, Abby Zotz weaves tendrils of hope together with strands of humour, resilience and, ultimately, joy. A gifted musician and vocal artist, Abby’s message is an u