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Mark Welles - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - Tom Freund

Mark Welles - It Started Last Fall (Album). Flashback to early 2020: Maybe it was becoming a new father, the onset of a global pandemic, middle-aged malaise, or all three. A period of introspection led me to reevaluate what I value most in life, what brings me joy.  What I found was something was missing — music. Although a lifelong musician and longtime songwriter, I had let my passion for music take a backseat to my corporate career and other endeavors. I realized I needed to bring music back into the forefront, and that I had something to contribute creatively. After buying some new equipment, transforming a spare bedroom into my home studio, dusting off some old songs and writing a few new ones, I set out on recording a body of work to represent my unique musical voice. The result is “It Started Last Fall”, my debut album of 11 original songs about love, setbacks and looking forward. I hope you enjoy the music, and greatly appreciate your interest and support! Whilst Beehive Candy

The Astronots - Skye Wallace - Boo Boo Davis

The Astronots share a feisty and powerful rocker softened only by the more melodic layered vocals. Skye Wallace keeps the momentum going with a tornado of pure rock and roll, with storming vocals to match. Boo Boo Davis has been featured on Beehive Candy accompanying The Electro Blues Society, now we have some fresh material from him, where his superb blues vocals and musicianship can be sampled with five songs from the forthcoming album. The Astronots - Settle Down. The new single from The Astronots. ‘Settle Down’ narrates the feeling of anxiety and being trapped inside yourself. Featuring resonating guitars, throbbing basslines and eerie layered vocals the track truly packs a punch. The Astronots are an American rock’n’roll outfit, spearheaded by its founding members, Niko Giaimo (Vocals/Guitar) and Allee Futterer (Vocals/Bass). The two are established musicians in their own right. Futterer has had years of cutting her musical teeth, backing some of the biggest names in the

Stephanie Rose - Roman Harris - Fling - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - Odetta Hartman - Small Forward - Business of Dreams

With a gorgeous musical arrangement and beautiful vocals Stephanie Rose's 'Luxury' is a timeless country song. South London's Roman Harris has a distinctive and engaging voice that is accompanied by a refined musical backdrop on his latest track. Fling exude psychedelic charm, the vocals add some grit, whilst the band add layers of psych goodness. Once again ElectroBluesSociety and Boo Boo Davis serve up some classic blues rock with their natural take on Little Red Rooster. Odetta Hartman exquisite vocals glide above a stripped back guitar driven soundtrack whilst the hooks dig deep. Melodic and gentle, Small Forward take us on a dreamy indie journey where the vocals and harmonies are notable and the music precise and atmospheric. Finally we have our second helping of Business Of Dreams this month, with a vibrant & catchy indie rocker to conclude today's new music picks. Stephanie Rose - Luxury. A storyteller beyond her years, Stephanie Rose is an old s

Moderate Rebels - Thyla - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - Stephen Kellogg

Moderate Rebels - The Value Of Shares. London-based “anti-music” collective Moderate Rebels’ second album ‘Shared Values’ is like a lot of their music so far – it happened almost by accident. “We went into the studio with a couple of songs to record an EP, and we ended up with an album-length EP. We like to just let things happen and for songs to mostly write themselves. It’s a case of mucking around and seeing what feels right and what doesn’t. We say it all the time, but it’s important to note – we don’t intend anything. We don’t feel like ‘artists’ with grand statements to make. “We view ourselves as just passing on ideas or questions, which we also enjoy expressing in condensed and concise terms. We think we’re all living in an era when lots of people feel they have lots of questions (perhaps that’s every era?) and we seem to touch upon that. Doubt, uncertainty, vague language, conflicting information and opinions – these are all inspirations. To us, being ‘anti-music’ is abou