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The Locals - Pat Tierney - MIMICO - Jolene Dixon - Camp Howard - Kid Creole and The Coconuts - Dead Naked Hippies

The new album from Chicago's The Locals is 'Minutes, Seconds, Degrees'. The band waste no time, in getting into some full on alt rockers, the energy matched by impassioned vocals and slick and solid musicianship and the hooks flow constantly throughout the album. From Australia we have Pat Tierney and 'My Sweet Love' a beautiful folk roots song where his melodic vocals simply shine. MIMICO have shared a video for 'Common Tar', a song where the synths and vocals flow intrinsically together as the guitar and drums add further momentum. Jolene Dixon has a video for 'Dreamer' where her fabulous vocals and instinctive Americana song-writing sensibilities are both notable to say the least. Indie rock band Camp Howard latest song 'Swimming At Night' has a catchy nature as the melodic vocals and striking harmonies stand out as the understated musical backdrop allows them centre stage. We have the latest single and video form Kid Creole a

Dead Naked Hippies - Hero Fisher - Linda Em

Dead Naked Hippies - Rare. Background - With an angular opening riff that batters its way into your head and stays rattling around in there all day, Rare is the ferocious new offering from Leeds art-rock trio Dead Naked Hippies. Don't be fooled by the initial ferocity, Rare serves to empower others and front woman Lucy Jowett is not holding back: “It is a song about self love. I think we're quick to judge the term & deem it laughable or irrelevant in fear of being arrogant, or weird. But if you take a hard look at the society we live in, it's clear to see why so many people struggle to feel content in their own minds and their own bodies. I've always struggled with myself and it sickens me to think that so many other people feel the same. It needs to change.” Expanding more on the band’s mission, and where latest release Rare fits in – Lucy says: “We're used by advertising companies, so they can make money out of our discontentment. Bombarded with images of

Dead Naked Hippies - The Rock'n'Roll Hi-Fives - No Coward Soul

Dead Naked Hippies - Guillotine. Background - Thrashing into life in late 2016 with their caustic brand of punchy post-punk, Dead Naked Hippies return with their first track of 2018 - the raw, gritty and atmospheric Guillotine. Capturing the trio, and frontwoman Lucy Jowett especially, at their most honest both sonically and thematically, the track builds on a steady release of acclaimed singles. Opening with a low-key guitar and drum groove, before bursting into fiery life for a cathartic chorus courtesy of Jowett’s trademark vocals, this conflict of duelling musical identities echoes the lyrical messages being conveyed. "Guillotine is an exploration of grief” the vocalist explains, “It’s the fine line between wanting to retaliate to someone who has caused you hurt, versus choosing to cut out the dead weight they have created in your life.” Serving as an excellent vignette for this universally relatable emotional struggle is just one facet of the track, and Dead Naked Hi