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Spoils - Charlie Rogers - Tilia - The Resonant Rogues

Spoils - Nothing For a Man (E.P). In the mid-90's when the giant wave of post-Nirvana A&R signings crested and broke, Cincinnati, OH experienced a blink-and-you-miss it moment in the sun birthing a sultry, greasy and noise-addled contribution to the Indie Rock lexicon with bands like Afghan Whigs, Ass Ponys, Wussy and compatriots Brainiac. But to say that Cincinnati possesses a "sound" that has any kind of throughline is a bit more difficult to place. Instead, the city like the music it produces, is a bit of a liminal zone - straddling the South and the Midwest, concentration of the world's most successful multi-national companies and a startling high poverty index. The music that makes it out feels unplaceable - how did a city of just over a million birth Why?, The National, Adrian Belew and John Bender? While so many of the acts named feel like they are constantly in the act of becoming, Spoils, a band formed in 2021 right on the cusp of another wave of creativ

Jay Wood - Bekah Bossard - bdrmm - Sparkle*Jets U.K. - Tilia

Jay Wood - Oh Well. West Australian alt-indie acoustic singer-songwriter, Jay Wood releases her highly anticipated single, ‘Oh Well’ today June 30th, 2023. This captivating single – A prelude to the 1st September release of EP, ‘Respire’ - serves as a testament to Jay's resilience and determination following a life-altering car accident that left her with a Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injury, and embodies her unwavering spirit, inspiring listeners with its uplifting message.  “[The song] began as a cute upbeat song professing heartfelt intentions toward her but morphed into more of an optimistic song with a lament of the love gone by, hence the weaving of the phrase “oh well” throughout.” – Jay Wood Through her lyricism, reminiscent of the meaning injected through the songs of Phoebe Bridges and Missy Higgins, Jay expresses herself with raw honesty, quirkiness, and a "no holds barred" approach. Her songs fill listeners with unique and enlightened thoughts about love, li

Typical Light - Laura Marie - Tilia - TANDM

Typical Light - Imaginary Ride. Boston MA USA: record label H1 Massive will release the first full length album from Typical Light. Hailing from Paris FRANCE, the duo creates dreamlike, cinematic synthpop. In 2020, Hélène (vocals, synthesizer) and Hakim (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer) joined forces over their mutual love of indie pop, rock, and shoegaze. Hakim began his musical journey, playing the piano and guitar at 10 years old. “My parents exposed me to a lot of music when I was young, and I wanted to be like the artists they listened to.” Hélène states, “Music has always been a passion for me. I worked as a cultural journalist for several years and putting out this album fulfills a long time dream.” Their first EP SWEET was noticed immediately by French magazine KR Home Studio, because of their catchy melodies and the way Hakim and Hélène weave their silky vocals together. Typical Light have picked up the baton from French synth pop compatriots M83, and taken it in the