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Robyn Hitchcock - Sgt. Pepper - London 2007 (Internet Archive)

This may well prove to be a recording that divides opinion into love, or hate camps, like no other we have featured. From the Internet Archive this is Robyn Hitchcock back on the 1st July 2007, live at the Three Kings Pub in Clerkenwell, London. Why the love or hate thing? Well for some fans of The Beatles, doing a full cover version of the Sgt. Pepper album, and in your own style and interpretation may prove a step to far. I have always admired The Beatles music, however when I came across this, I was fascinated and I have to say incredibly impressed. For those not familiar with Robyn, this is the introduction from Wikipedia - Robyn Rowan Hitchcock (born 3 March 1953) is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. While primarily a vocalist and guitarist, he also plays harmonica, piano and bass guitar. Coming to prominence in the late 1970s with The Soft Boys, Hitchcock afterward launched a prolific solo career. His musical and lyrical styles have been influenced by the likes of