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Bootleg Originals Part Five - Led Zeppelin - Blueberry Hill

When I was a mere young lad in my teens, this Led Zeppelin bootleg was often talked of, in 'hushed undertones', however neither my friends or I ever owned a copy. For a while it became something of a status symbol to have heard it, or even know of someone, that had a copy. In reality as far as bootlegs go this really is something special. Cutting and pasting shamelessly from Wikipedia, (where this boot has it's own entry!) here is a rough history of the bootleg. Live On Blueberry Hill (also known as Blueberry Hill) is an audience recording. It is well known for being one of the first ever Led Zeppelin bootlegs, and indeed one of the first ever rock and roll bootlegs ever released. It was initially released on the Blimp label. The sleeve notes described it as "One hundred and six minutes and fifty three seconds of pure alive rock." The album was subsequently pressed on the Trade Mark of Quality label and shipped to England. Live On Blueberry Hill de