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Sara Lew - Genuine Leather - Astari Nite

We don't often link to Spotify however as it's my only source for Sara Lew and her fabulous new single 'Sunday Morning' from the album of the same name, I feel rather obliged to as her music is just so good! We have a couple of tracks from Genuine Leather 's new '2011-2019 Demos, Singles and Live' collection, the band sharing a fine mixture of songs along those lines, as the two we have selected should demonstrate. Astari Nite return to Beehive Candy for a sixth feature, the bands atmospheric mixture of Gothic and post punk vibes are present as ever, as is their consistent ability to write great new music. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sara Lew - Sunday Morning. Sara Lew has just released her new album ‘Sunday Morning’ and the title track from it is her new single an epic electro-indie exploration inspired by a visit to Scotland. Sara Lewis Sørensen, who