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Harry Heart - Carrie Scrimgeour - Children of the Sün

Harry Heart has released his first UK single 'Montaigne'. Within moments it's clear that Harry has a fine voice however it's the vocal delivery that sets him apart and with a fresh indie rock backdrop, this is a fabulous song. 'Bigger Than Me' from Carrie Scrimgeour is a noteworthy singer-songwriter piece, the vocals are energised and driven, supported by a simple and sturdy musical backdrop. Children of the Sün round things off today with the gorgeous song 'Emmy' a track that exudes memories of the sixties West Coast music scene, with just enough of a modern twist. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harry Heart - Montaigne. Harry Heart is one of those artists that come along very rarely in a lifetime. A dual resident and native to Sydney, Australia and East London outskirts of Walthamstow respectively. This young troubadour has come of age. Recently