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Van Bellman - Mirny Mine

Van Bellman - Gold & Blue. The new single from gritty indie pop artist is entitled ‘Gold & Blue’, the single is a story of hope, faith and companionship in a world of turmoil and distractions. Showcasing infectious melodies, soaring gang vocals and driving drums that all build into an anthemic chorus, 'Gold & Blue' fills you with optimism, a fitting yin to the dark first single’s yang. Van Bellman is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based musician Zac Taylor. You may have seen him playing guitar on TV with multi-platinum band American Authors, or perhaps carrying your luggage at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue a few years back. And maybe you didn’t hear, but he doesn’t shine shoes anymore. Instead, Taylor has been cultivating this new project and is now ready to present it to the world. An eclectic mix of bluesy rock and indie pop, Van Bellman’s music was written with purpose. The second single “Gold & Blue” is a story of hope, faith and companionship in a wo