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Elizabeth M. Drummond - Claude - Berries

Elizabeth M. Drummond - Crisis. Getting lost in a window into somebody else's own existential crisis shouldn’t feel as joyful as it’s made to sound in Elizabeth M. Drummond’s sensational first steps as a solo artist. In her aptly named debut single out today titled “Crisis”, you’ll find a track that runs on the pure adrenaline that came from her own self-realisations and the honest reactions that followed.  Drummond was formerly a member of the critically acclaimed band Little May, who toured with The National & City and Colour, whilst headlining their own headline shows across the globe. Speaking about the song Drummond said, “I wrote Crisis when I had moved cities after leaving Little May and a long relationship. I felt like everything I ever identified with had just exploded in front of me. I also realised I had been living on auto-pilot for as long as I could remember, and that I had been ignoring what I actually wanted for my life. At this point, I had started to feel a h

Elle Celeste - BERRIES - The Local Honeys

Elle Celeste - So Few. Calgary-based singer/songwriter Elle Celeste releases the second single, “So Few,” from her debut solo album Call On Me, due out in Autumn 2022. Much like the title track, shared back in March, “So Few” offers another powerful glimpse of Elle Celeste’s stunning artistic vision that combines familiar folk-rock elements with cinematic atmospherics, all propelled by her haunting voice, reminiscent of Cat Power’s Chan Marshall and Sharon Van Etten. “This song was inspired by the original Blade Runner from 1982,” Elle Celeste says. “I enjoy the gloom and dread in the film and the feeling that everyone is just existing. Vangelis did an incredible job on the score. I tried to emulate his synth tone in the intro. Overall, this track is my ode to the rise of machines.” Elle Celeste’s new material builds on the “21st Century folk music” approach of her former band Copperhead that blended punk, ambient and electronic sounds with traditional elements. She wrote eight of Cal

Varvara - Martha Ffion - Amaroun - Berries

Varvara - Anxiety. Background - Varvara have released their new single 'Anxiety' and announce the new album 'Go'. Varvara from Hamina, South-East Finland have come a long way since the release of their debut album back in 2011. Varvara was originally formed by main songwriter and guitarist-vocalist Mikko Kiri in 2007 when moving back to his old childhood neighborhood after studies around Finland. Mikko wanted to start a band that would locate in Hamina and gather its’ influences from the late 90s and early 2000s; a period he had first gotten actively involved in music. Soon Mikko found himself among friends and decided to name the band after a statue they used to gather round before nights of misbehaving. Varvara Schantin (1870-1941), the hometown hero who that statue represents, was born in Russia but became an important figure in the small town of Hamina. Schantin handed out food and refreshments to soldiers as they were preparing for war and their possible date wi

House Hounds - Crooked Teeth - Salt Cathedral - BERRIES

House Hounds  - Karamel. Background - Forming in late 2013 through a musician classified ad, the boys set out working on material after connecting on the love of shared influences. After a couple of years of gigging and rehearsing, a few singles, radio interviews and airplay, the band started working on their debut EP Saturate.  Written, recorded and self produced over the course of 6 months, the EP was handed to multi-award winning producer Magoo for mixing duties and mastered by Matthew Gray. "The EP was recorded over the course of 6 months after long nights and days of pre-production and demoing. All songs were written around the same time frame except the first track ‘Bird' which was written two years prior,” says member Keelan Callaghan on the process of writing the EP. On display on the EP are 70s influenced vintage synths, overdriven guitar layers and creamy fuzz leads, reminiscent of 90s era alt-rock records and a modern take on a vintage compressed drum sound,