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Honey Moon - Rosie Carney - Breichiau Hir - Ricky Lewis

Honey Moon - Mover In The Dark. Background - Jangle-pop four-piece Honey Moon unveil Mover In The Dark, the final aperitif served ahead of their new EP Four More From…, hitting your ears on 21st September, via Manchester boutique label Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl). Snare trills, melodic staccato guitars and barber-shop harmonies transport you through the decades, to a summer evening leant on a parked Chevy Bel Air by a dimly lit beach front. Like a hazy memory however, it’s hard to locate exact feelings, and an eerie tone pervades: “Its vulnerability isn't laid quite as bare and its message not quite as obvious as in some of our other stuff. Kinda creepy, kind of 'dark' - for us cheesy boys, anyway” says ringleader Jack Slater Chandler. A continued evolution from the dreamy, floaty Honey Moon sound of old, and a side-step from the more straight-up love tunes that make up the rest of the EP, Mover In The Dark is unique take from the four-piece. Honey Moon’s style is

Far Caspian - Ricky Lewis

Far Caspian - The Place. Background - Emerging Leeds outfit Far Caspian deliver atmospheric pop offering The Place, the next single taken from their upcoming debut EP, out via UK label Dance To The Radio this autumn. Staking their claim as one of Yorkshire’s hottest new indie prospects, the band’s latest hazy anthem sees the influences of Real Estate, Grizzly Bear and Band Of Horses seep into their sound, combining to dreamy effect and likely to draw further acclaim throughout the online community. Lead by frontman and guitarist Joel Johnston, the Irishman now residing in Leeds alongside fellow band members Jof Cabedo (drums and vocals) and Alessio Scozarro (bass and vocals), Far Caspian’s infectious songwriting approach explores his transition to life in the UK and the upheaval that ensues. “We wanted to have a track on the EP that was based more on intricate rhythms but instead we went for a pretty stripped back arrangement so it made sense alongside our other tracks”, the trio