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Twain - Mini Trees - Florence Arman

Twain - 2 Lovers. Twain shared “2 Lovers” yesterday, another new song from the upcoming album Noon to be released October 21. The song opens with familiar nostalgic warmth. Songwriter Matthew Davidson shares that, " '2 Lovers’ is the oldest song on Noon, from the end of my time living in New York. The bar in the song was called Manhattan Inn, in Greenpoint. I was briefly employed there as a bar-back. There was a beautiful room in the back with tables and benches against each wall and a fucked-up grand piano in the center of the room. It was a great place to see shows, with the audience surrounding the band in a hush. I remember sets from Adrianne Lenker, Nick Hakim, Joanna Sternberg, and really special was working the brunch shift, juicing lemons in the hard sunlight while Dylan Meek made jazz music on the piano." Davidson shares, "Something new for me about making Noon was allowing writing to be an active part of the recording process, making time each morning to f